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Spier Wine Farm is Growing for Good!

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November 16, 2018
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January 14, 2019

Spier Wine Farm supports learning and training that uplifts our communities with their “Growing for Good” Initiatives. They firmly believe in making a positive social and environmental change for all.

Spier is not only an amazing conference and event venue, but they care about the community and its people. Have a look below at some of the great initiative’s spier has put in place to empower communities:

1. Tree-preneurs
• Spier not only provides land facilities but also manage to drive Tree-preneurs to the Cape.
• This initiative teaches communities how to plant and care for indigenous green life.
• Once the seedlings are big enough Tree-preneurs can then exchange these plants for food vouchers, clothing, bicycles, educational items and many other essentials.

2. Spier Arts Academy
• The Spier arts Academy has been running and successfully operating for 3 years.
• The Programme develops Artisan Skills in terms of training, guiding and providing a space for people to creating Ceramic and Mosaic pieces.
• The Artisan studio facilitates collaborations between artists and ceramic and mosaic artisans – this not only nourishes the artisan’s talent but also their helps provide for them economically.

3. Interactive Eagle Encounter
• Spier supports eagle encounters by donating land, power and water for its facilities.
• Guests and Visitors of the rehabilitation, conservation and educating project at Spier can closely interact with these amazing birds of prey.
• The project educates guests and visitors how these spectacular birds keep ecosystems healthy and balanced.

For More information on other Amazing Initiatives Spier Supports and Manages, follow the link:

To Book or arrange a visit with the Spier Wine Farm, or to learn how to get involved in these projects and programmes. Email us:

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