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A different take on delegate shuttles for events

MBA World Summit 2018
April 5, 2018
Event capturing on a whole new level!
October 26, 2018
We recently had the extreme pleasure of arranging the Airbnb Africa Travel Summit. Besides the fact that our client decided to host the event in Langa, a local township (which in itself was AWESOME), we also turned traditional delegate shuttle service on its head. What can we say, we’re always pushing the envelope at SCC.

So, instead on booking traditional shuttles services, here’s what we did instead:

1. All participants received a prepaid Uber rider coupon, redeemable in the payment section of the APP.
2. To engage the local community, we made use of local Lange taxi drivers via the Langa Taxi Association. They put on a total on 16 taxis, which safely transported our attendees to attend various locally hosted dinners in the city. The international crowd absolutely loved it – local beats pumping and all!

Here’s why it worked:

Participants were cognisant of the fact that they had a capped coupon amount, and so opted to ride with a friend, minimizing the event’s carbon footprint. The local community were integrated into the event by us using their local transport while giving participants an authentic experience.

We have learnt so many lessons through the planning of this event; the biggest of which was that we had to shake all our pre conceived ideas of what we thought we were walking into. Langa has a wealth of talent, resources and skill and above all, a welcoming attitude which made arranging an international conference possible. We are slowly but surely starting to understand how international conferences can leave lasting legacies in our local communities. Transport is just the tip of the iceberg.

Watch this space for more articles on Conferences and Events that truly MATTER!

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